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⧽ Ϣર રᎧΛ Ɲ ᒍӬ ᕴᒍ⥌↓৬
⧽ Ϣર ᒍ↾Ɔ ᒍӬ ᒍ↾ƆᎧ ཞБᒍ↾ⱱGƝ@
⧽ Ϣર ᒍ↾Ɔ ᒍӬ ГᎧરᎧ@ ཞĊOMમ@
৬ ᛠᎧᛠᎧ↓ᎧĊ°ГરƝ ϢᎧરƆ ᛠર⟓રᛠ↾.
౨Oર ഥƝϢᎧ Ϣર ГᒍƝ⥙ Ɲ ≾Ꭷ-↾Бᓬ⥌ⱱM≾.
M↾ ᒍӬ ≾Ꭷ’રΛϢ⥌Ɲ,
৬ ᛠᎧᛠᎧ↓ᎧĊ°ГરƝ ϢᎧરƆ ᛠર⟓રᛠ↾.
ഥ’⥌ ⥌Бഥ’ᓬ CϢ@ᒍ,
Ϣર ⧽ БᒍΛ Й ჰŧ ᒍӬ ǦᎧરḺ

He wanders the lands of the dreaming
He sings the songs of the unliving
He sings the death of trees
(The lovebirds have left)
Prick of frost
Icing of water
Passing of time
(The lovebirds have left)
And he is Father Winter

Short Summary Lovebirds' Song

Б⧽Ұ - Ḷᛠ↓ (Bolşay - Butuq): ↾ᓬБ°CƝ↾ ᒍ Ḷ⟓৬ ৬ᓬ⥙ | ϢᎧI≾⥙ (Wuysung): 45 | ƝഥOᒍર (Andolar): | @⟓@ᒍર (Etketler): ୨ᒍ↾Ɲ | Ḷてᒍ⥙ (Buhaylang): 0.0/0
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